Giving Back PROMOtion

Thank you to our almost 200 backers that brought this product to life! we still have an entire week to go and we are currently 114% funded. Your continued support has been humbling and we would like to give back. For the last 7 days we will be running a backer exclusive promotion where you can get a reward tier upgrade free of charge!

Look for a referral link in your inbox so you can participate in the promotion described below. If you can get someone to pledge to the project through your referral link you will be eligible for a FREE GIFT SET UPGRADE for you and the person you refer!

Adjsut For Site(simple).png

This promotion saves you $60 USD combined between the two gift sets.

We have sent all current backers referral links. If you did not receive a referral link, send us a message and we will be sure to provide you with one. Kickstarter tracks these referral links and we can tell when you get someone to pledge, we have everyone’s backer info noted and so we will mark who gets what.

NOTE: When the person you refer gets your link and goes to the campaign, the campaign looks exactly the same as if they were to come from a normal link. When they checkout there will be no indication they are also receiving a gift set with their flask. This is limitation of Kickstarter as we cannot alter reward levels completely throughout the campaign, we have worked around this. Since we can see the pledge came from your link we will mark that down and send you a confirmation email so ensure you both get your gift sets.

If you have any questions feel free to message us on Kickstarter or at our email below.

TIP: Make sure they pledge through the link you send them, if they do not we cannot track your referral!