Heroes Never Die: an Ode to Stan Lee


In wake of the passing of Stan Lee at age 95, fans across the globe are sharing how this legend of a man has impact their lives. As the publisher, writer, and editor of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee has been responsible for the creation of so many heroes that we’ve spent our childhoods (and let’s admit it, adult lives) looking up to. There has been some reporting of the months leading up to Stan Lee’s death that he become victim to financial wrongdoings. We would like to focus on the positive impact his life has had on all of us. Known for being an integral part of the creation of X-Men, Spider-Man, The Avengers, Deadpool, and countless others. Thank you for bringing heroes into our lives. Thank you for giving us something to believe in. Thank you for creating characters that made us believe in ourselves.

To all the True Believers.

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elizabeth chim