Top 5 Hidden bars in Toronto


Who dooesn't like a good secret? If you're looking for a mysterious night out in the city here are our favourite "hidden bars" you can escape to. 

5 The Gift Shop

The Gift shop is based in one of the oldest buildings in Ossington. Careless paint marks on the walls draw a picture of the history of this old building. What once was an artist's studio, has now been converted into a beautiful beer and cocktail lounge. This hidden gem is sure to give you a nice modern place to relax and chat. The best part of the experience with this bar is that it is hidden at the back of a barbershop. (Barber & Co.) That's right, just head into the Barber shop and get a clean cut. After you can sneak to the bar looking fresh and ready to mingle. Location 89 Ossington Ave

4 SP184

Head to the alley behind Superpoint on Ossington. Search for the only clue to the bar which is the neon tiger. Head down the ally and look for the door labeled SP184 with a purple light illuminating its features. Once you walk in you will be transported to the nostalgic feeling of garage parties. The open concept, concrete floors and massive garage door will give you that relaxed vibe while you sip your beer and eat your slice of pizza. Location 184 Ossington Ave. (back door)

3 The Libertine

Venture through the neon signs for tarot card readings and sneak down the hidden staircase to find yourself at the unique bar named The Libertine. Enjoy a bar experience where you drink while you snack on iconic snacks, ranging from Pop Tarts to Flaming Hot Cheetos. This bar holds a carnival-esque decor mixed with the vibe of a relaxed rec room, ensuring that you will have a unique night while you make memories with your closest friends. Location 1307 Dundas St. West

2   The Porch

The Porch, although not as secretive as the others,  makes the list due to its unique accessibility and beautiful view of the CN Tower. The bars location is above the Rock 'n' Horse Saloon. You can head upstairs and enjoy and amazing view of downtown Toronto while you enjoy a nice cold beer with your friends. This bar is great for those hot summer evenings where all you can think about is cooling off after a hard days work with a cold beverage. Take a night off and head to The Porch where you will enjoy the glow from the cities lights filling the night time sky. Location 250 Adelaide St. West

1 Escobar at Baro

If you are looking to get your Latin fix and enjoy some delicious food while you sip, be sure to head to Escobar located on the second floor of Baro. Remember though that this is an invite only, password protected bar. This makes it the most exclusive hidden bar on the list. Once in be sure to take a picture with their iconic "Pablo Loves You" neon sign, proving to your friends that you made it into the exclusive and illusive bar. After you take the picture relax and enjoy the retro look and well mixed cocktails. Location 485 king St. west (second floor)

There you have it, you are now connected to some our favourite hidden bars in Toronto. Bring your friends, but be quiet about it. Remember this is our little secret.