Drake's Virginia Black vs G Eazy's Stillhouse

Drake virginia black g eazy stillhouse

Alright guys here it is, my new excuse to drink on a Wednesday. Introducing my first ever completely "original" idea,  Dividere's Wednesday Weekly Sip Off Showdowns! This is where yours truly will be taste testing competing liquor brands and letting you know which ones I think are supreme and why. I wanted something interesting for my first week's review so I decided to go with 2 liquor companies each endorsed by a favourite rapper of mine.  That's right I am talking about Drake's Virginia Black, and G Eazy's Stillhouse Whisky going head to head in this weeks match. Both contestants will be judged on several aspect including; look, originality, taste, and smell. Yet there can only be one winner! Lets get started.


Look and Originality 

Virginia Black Immediately demands your attention with the shimmer of the gold crest in the middle of its body. Honestly it looks amazing and the unboxing experience is great. The matte black box with the middle cutout was a nice touch. once taken out you begin to appreciate the octagon-esque shape of the glass bottle. This shape is definitely unique to most bottles on the shelf and almost has an antique vibe to it. The glass is thick and feels as though a drunken drop would have almost no affect to this bottle at all. This bottle is aimed to look luxurious and it does a great job at that with the cut glass lines and gold crest, however there is one major downside. The cap on this bottle shimmers in gold, however when you touch it you feel that it is made out of cheap plastic. This ruins the image of high class every time you twist it off. 

Just look at it.. have you ever seen anything like this in an LCBO before? This product creates the perfect image that whisky drinkers have been going for for years. What says "rugged" or "manly" more than drinking straight from a motor oil tank. After all, whisky is your bodies fuel for a good night out right? The tin is sturdy and great for tossing into bags. When I tell you that you can put this in your backpack and not worry about breaking it, I mean it (shameless pun) This is one of the most original packaging techniques I have seen in the industry. It grabs your attention, makes for a great conversation piece, and attacks its demographic perfectly. 



For the Look and Originality aspect of my review the winner is G Eazy's Stillhouse. It is unique, attention grabbing, and convenient. The plastic cap on Drizzy's Virginia Black really made him lose on this one. If you are going for a higher class demographic you need to have a premium bottle and plastic is not included in that. Stillhouse takes the win.

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Taste and Scent 

Stillhouse has many different flavors to offer, but I will be reviewing the moonshine whisky specifically in this section. This is an 80 proof, clear, 100% corn based neutral spirit. I would also like to point out that it is un-aged. The smell reminds me of a fresh bag of sweet popcorn. As for the taste, this whisky is undeniably smooth. This is clear from the very first sip. you can taste the sweetness all the way to the after taste which I personally am a big fan of. Since it is 100% corn based it lacks the diversity of taste other whiskies bring to the table, but does a great job at making a nice sweet tasting pure corn spirit. My over all rating for this whisky is a solid 8.5 out of 10. 

Virginia Black is "personally selected collection of two, three, and four year old bourbon." It is 80 proof. Virginia Black has a sweet aroma that matches that of a warm vanilla, mixed with some caramel popcorn. When sipping it you can taste a clear vanilla flavour that lasts until the dry after taste. The texture is creamy and slides down perfectly each sip. This drink blends beautifully with some coke (adds a nice vanilla flavour) However all this being said, it is not the best tasting whisky in its price-point.  Therefore, in its price point this whisky gets a solid 8 out of ten. Its nice blend with coke and its option to be able to enjoy it on its own makes it a definite return buy for me. 


The winner of this week's head to head comparison is G Eazy's Stillhouse! Its unique packaging and delicious taste for its corresponding  price point helped Stillhouse bring home the gold. Try this whisky in your coke today, and remember, there is almost "no limit" to the amount of drinks you can make with it. Stillhouse gets an score of 8.5 and Virginia Black gets a score of 8. try them both today and see what you prefer! 

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Here is a link to each of the websites for more information

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