Ballie Ballerson World Famous Ball Pit Bar



Looking to release your inner child? What if I were to tell you you could release your inner child and sip down cocktails at the same time? Step aside Chuck E. Cheese Ballie Ballerson is here. Ballie Ballerson is a cocktail bar complete with ball pit lounges consisting of a staggering 1,000,000 balls that you can relive your childhood in. This bar also offers a 70 meter glowing UV mural that wraps around the walls, a delicious menu, and complex cocktails they you will love to watch being made. If you are feeling like a baller you can even rent one of the VIP pits for you and your closest friends to chill in!

Ballie Ballerson originally started as a pop-up in Dalston in 2016. After just under a year the business outgrew its old location and moved to a much larger venue in Shoreditch. It is set to open up locations in New York, Sydney, Cape Town, and Tokyo.

I know what your thinking. "I don't want to hang around a bunch of balls that have been played with by gross drunk people"  you know, something your ex would say. Ballie Ballerson can assure you that all their balls are cleaned regularly with a machine specially designed to clean 18,000 balls an hour! 


Tickets to Ballie Ballerson range from $9 to $20 but for more information be sure to check out their website here and take a look at what their menu has to offer.