First FDA Compliant Hangover Cure

Guys it's finally here, the hangover cure that we've all been waiting for. No longer will we wake up dreading the sun-rays, and reaching for a bucket of water! No more will our heads pump and pound on the way to church! No, For this day forward, all of these pains are issues of the past. Much like the invention of the wheel, innovation has again moved us forward in the right direction.


Meet Sisun Lee 

Morning recovery CEO Sisun Lee created the hangover cure drink that has been taking over Silicon Valley. The former Tesla engineer has had such success with his new venture that he even had to retire from his job at Tesla to meet the demands of his new company. Lee found his passion for hangover supplements when he traveled to South Korea. After drinking and living it up for a night, he was introduced by some locals to a hangover cure in the form of a drink. He found that it worked amazing! When Lee returned to the states he tried to buy a similar product, but to his surprise it wasn't on the market. Seeing this opportunity, Lee began investigating how these drinks were made, and what made them work.


The Head Saving Ingredient 

Lee found that the secret ingredient in these South Korean drinks was a herbal compound called dihydromyricetin (DHM) which is most commonly found in the Oriental raisin tree and the Rattan tree (see picture.) Asian cultures have been using this ingredient to cure hangovers for centuries, and Lee thinks it's time for the western world to begin these same practices. With this ingredient, along with vitamin B and Vitamin C (which help combat the toxic acid build up caused by our livers not being able to process the amount of liquor consumed) we might just feel better the next day. After all, it is this effect that leads us to have a hangover headache. So how can we tell if the former Tesla employees hangover cure works?


Dedication to the Game

What Lee sacrificed for us is truly beautiful. To see if the product he created worked, he first used himself as a guinea pig. Yes, the man got absolutely smashed every night, and then drank his potion to test if he could stop his morning hangover in the morning. He did this extensively, and even gained 15 pounds in his efforts at one point. Say what you will about his product, but the man clearly knows how to party! After coming to the realization that he could no longer test his body like this Lee got his friends and clients involved by asking them to send feedback on the product. Now that the biases were aside, Lee could really see if he had the holy grail of products. The results that came back from the customers show that he just may. 

A picture from Lee's factory. Notice one of the disciples diligently working to bring you the most important cure made from the 20th to 21st century (penicillin was good too)

A picture from Lee's factory. Notice one of the disciples diligently working to bring you the most important cure made from the 20th to 21st century (penicillin was good too)

Well, are you interested? Do you want to work hard tomorrow without sacrificing tonight? If you answered yes to either of those, then you are like me and you a curious to see if this product really works. Unfortunately if you live in Canada you are not able to purchase the product yet, but you can sign up for their email list here. If you are looking for a cool new flask to store your liquor in before your hangovers even start, head over to our email list here.