5 Reasons Why Clint Eastwood is a Bad-Ass

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The Legend

Have you ever wondered why Clint Eastwood has been viewed as such a bad-ass his whole career? If you have you are in the right place. I am going to show you why Clint maintains this view, and will more than likely always carry this perception. From his personal life, to his role in movies, we will look into why he has always appeared as a bad-ass. This is, 5 Reasons Why Clint Eastwood is a Bad-Ass

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He demands privacy in his personal world

Way back in 2005, Clint was at the National Board Review Dinner. Amidst enjoying his meal Clint was called to stage in order to accept an award. He then gave a speech where he openly threatened Michael Moore's life. When the award was handed to him this is what Clint Said;

"Michael Moore and I actually have a lot in common – we both appreciate living in a country where there’s free expression, But, Michael, if you ever show up at my front door with a camera – I’ll kill you.” The audience and Moore laughed. Eastwood then said, “I mean it. . .”

Whether if this was for a laugh or if he really had some personal problems with Moore, Clint had the cahonies to say it in front of hundreds of people. Not to mention that the man who was being threatened, was also the man of honor that night.

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He cannot be killed!

You are going to like this one, Clint was in a plane crash back in 1951. In his Biography he writes about when he got into a Douglas AD-1 Military craft (Navy bomber) and the events that took place soon after. This is what the man himself said in his book;

"And then it started getting dark, and I lost him. I didn’t know whether he was alive or where the hell he was. And I wasn’t about to start yelling, because it wastes a lot of energy. I went through jellyfish schools and all kinds of things, and they became fluorescent at night. It was like some science-fiction deal. By this time, you know, your mind is–talking about hallucinating…" "I kind of worked my way into that–just partly luck, because everywhere the water was very rough. And I got into this spot and had a really rough time climbing out."

The plan went down due to technical malfunctions where he and the pilot (2 person plane) both plummeted into the water. After swimming for hours Clint found the shoreline due to the luminosity the kelp provided. Once on shore Clint linked up with the pilot who too survived. I like to imagine them both sparking up a fat cigar at that point and having a laugh.

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His Work Ethic

Clint has gone from a western gun slinger, to a praised director. He has filmed blockbuster movies such as Sully (reminiscent of his plane crash perhaps) proving that his career is not going anywhere. However even when he was focused on acting, the man always put in the extra mile while at work. Clint, in reality, is allergic to horses. However, that did not stop him from filming countless westerns. Clint has even been his own stuntman. In one of his films he learned how to rock climb because he felt that the nature of the stunt being performed was too dangerous for his stuntman. Not to mention he smoked a ton of cigars for his movie roles despite being a non smoker in his private life. Now that's commitment.

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He drank PBR before it was "cool"

Clint was ahead of the hipsters in drinking PBR. For all the hipsters out there this is how you properly drink Pabst; On your porch, 2 down, with a blank judging stare.

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Hidden Talents

Despite being portrayed as the primal epitome of manliness, Clint has revealed many talents that show off his softer side. These talents include his incredible skill on the piano, and his singing voice (remember him singing "I talk to the tree's") Here is a link to a video of Mr. Eastwood himself absolutely killing it on the piano with that blues magic. If you claim to be a fan of his you have to check it out! Rare footage of Clint Eastwood playing the blues


There you have it, 5 reasons why Clint Eastwood is a bad-ass. Now "go ahead, make my day" by commenting any other reasons you have that make you think he is a bad-ass. If you have someone in mind who you think is EVEN more bad-ass Id like to hear about that too! 

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