As an early bird backer, you supported us when we needed it most! In an effort to thank you for the success that your generosity has brought this campaign, we would like to give you an exclusive offer!


Previous Engraving Price

Early Bird Engraving Promotion

Engrave level(Exed).png

Until now, to get custom engraving you would have to pledge our custom engraving reward level ($85 USD + $1.50 per character), that’s a $16 USD set up fee and $1.50 USD per character on top of the $69 flask price.

early bird engraved.png

But for a limited time, we are offering our 100 early bird backers custom engraving if you just add $11 USD and add $1 per character to your current early bird pledge.

Cost Breakdown.png

Just send us a message on Kickstarter or at our email address with the message you would like and we will confirm it with your pledge increase. We will do surveys post campaign for the fonts.


TIP: For our international customers; you can see how much you need to raise your pledge by, by simply inputting the amount in USD you owe on this easy to use Currency Converter