Drinking more? Here's a problem you CAN run from

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Being in the hip flask business, most of us at Dividere Stainless have had our fair share of “beverages”. However, with the world becoming more and more aware of the dangers alcohol poses to our bodies and minds, I began asking myself if we can still safely enjoy our favourite drinks.

Earlier this year a study from the Lancet made headlines when it concluded that the only safe amount of alcohol to drink was no alcohol. This is directly against the age old advice that a glass of red wine is actually beneficial to heart and overall cardiovascular health. Wine is even represented in many healthy diet food pyramids. The Lancet study laid into any suggestion of alcohol being good for you by concluding any health benefits one might gain from moderate amounts of drinking are outweighed by the damage done. The study’s sobering new information takes into account 592 other studies on alcohol from 195 countries/territories over two decades from 1990 to 2016.


592 studies over two decades is hard to argue with. But is that it? Should we all begin alcohol abstinence and forget about this sinister beverage? Not exactly. Although moderate to heavy drinking can be disastrous for the body, specifically the liver and brain, as well as raise the risk of a breadth of different cancers, much of this damage can be managed with a good old pair of sneakers.

Multiple studies have shown that aerobic exercise can mitigate and even cancel out brain damage and cancer caused by alcohol. A study from the Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research journal shows that brain damage, specifically white matter damage, was greater in individuals who did not exercise. White matter is responsible for learning and major brain functions. A British Journal of Sports Medicine study shows some cancer risk can be lowered or even cancelled out by exercise. This study goes further and suggests individuals who exercise have significantly reduced cancer risks in most major cancers including alcohol related ones.


So yes, alcohol may not be safe for your body in even small amounts. That being said, if you still want to hangout with your old friend Captain Morgan, or sail the seven seas with that bottle of Kraken, don’t fret! Just jump on the treadmill after a night out instead of snoozing the alarm in a bed full of last night’s fast food.

Consult your local government for the recommended amount of physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Remember to always drink in moderation and responsibly.

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