Grain, Hops, Water.... now Nugs?


Yet another major Canadian brewer is promising cannabis infused beer and beverages for what might be a very enjoyable 2019.

In August, Molson-Coors announced it would be partnering with HEXO, a large Canadian cannabis producer, to have cannabis infused drinks ready for 2019. Now Brick Brewing Co, commonly known for their Laker series of beers, who run Waterloo Brewing and Landshark, have also promised cannabis beer by fall 2019.

The cannabis market has garnered a great deal of investor interest and after an in-depth review of our strategic options, the Company is positioning itself to be a major producer of CIB’s and to take advantage of this new and developing beverage category.
— George Croft, CEO, Waterloo Brewing
Lagunitas, Hi-Fi hops cannabis infused beer

Lagunitas, Hi-Fi hops cannabis infused beer

In Canada we are actually behind on the cannabis beer game. Other large brands have already made cannabis beer, including CBD infused, THC infused, or both. Meaning some will get you high, THC infused, and some will just be better for your body and mind, CBD infused.

Lagunitas, owned by Heineken, created Hi-Fi Hops, a THC infused, zero calorie, zero carb, and zero alcohol cannabis beer. Looking at other brands on the market tells the same story, any time THC is used as the active ingredient the alcohol is removed. It seems companies don’t want to mix your highs.

HEXO’s CEO himself said that they will not produce any beer with alcohol and THC together so the Canadian’s brewers will be taking the same dealcoholized route when it comes to THC.


Canadian companies obviously had to wait for recreational marijuana to be legal before they could scheme up the perfect way to bring your vices together. However there are even more regulations holding cannabis beverages back. Drinkables will follow the same route as edibles which the Canadian government plans to legalize October 2019, a full year after marijuana was made legal.

So we aren’t quite there yet, but seeing the steps our biggest brewer’s are taking, Its safe to say next fall will be uncharacteristically green.

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