The French Tuck, Queer Eye's Biggest Fashion Trend

Tan France from Queer Eye

Tan France from Queer Eye

If you haven't heard of the French Tuck yet, we got you. Coined by the silver-haired fashion guru Tan from Queer Eye, it is a simple and easy trick to enhance a lot of outfits.

This trend has taken Instagram by storm. Perhaps it's because of just how easy it really is. Like, it's not much of a lifehack if you have to tell a guy that if he wants to look good, he needs to get a whole new wardrobe, get custom tailored clothes, and if it's not too much of an inconvenience, get super jacked too. 

So how do you do it? It's a partial tuck of your shirt in the front or a little off to the side. It's supposed to balance out your proportions and make you look a little taller than you are. It works great with t-shirts, dress shirts, and sweaters. The French Tuck works for all genders too. 

After watching the episode of Queer Eye that introduced the French Tuck (which is also known as a front tuck or half tuck), one of our team members enthusiastically implemented this technique into his everyday fashion. It became a bit of a joke where he would French Tuck all our shirts in before a meeting but hey, can't say we didn't look better!

elizabeth chim